Crypto mining for everyone

Cryptocurrencies are the future.

You can mine a small amount of cryptocurrency with your computer or even with your smartphone. Become part of the crypto revolution! These are options available for typical folks with a typical consumer-grade computer and an Android smartphone.

In-browser mining

These cryptocurrency mining scripts run inside your web browser. You have to turn off or disable ad blocker add-on/extension in order for this to work, as the ad blockers also block the JavaScript that is needed to mine coins. In general, most in-browser miners mine Monero (regardless of their claims that they are Bitcoin miners) and convert the Monero to other currencies based on the current rate of exchange.

  • Swift Mining mines Monero but payout can be in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Zcash, Dogecoin, and others.
  • Noobminer mines Monero.
  • BurstCoin can be mined using a web browser.
  • Bloc.Money in-browser mining
  • MineDoge differs from all the other ones: mining does not actually take place inside your browser on your computer but at a data center. Register with your Dogecoin address and it will continue mining even when you are offline.

Android app for mining on your smartphone

  • CryptoTab Browser is a Monero mining app for Android (but payout will be in Bitcoin Core) bundled with a Chromium-based web browser that is fine-tuned to offer a fast, comfortable browsing experience.

Mine Gridcoin on your computer

Use your spare computing power while you are away or asleep to generate Gridcoin. Gridcoin rewards volunteers who participate in distributed computing projects for a wide variety of scientific research projects.

  1. Download BOINC.
  2. Join the GRC Pool -- watch the tutorial videos.
  3. Get a Coinomi wallet app.

Mine Lynx with a Raspberry Pi

Being billed as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, Lynx (formerly KittehCoin) is another low-barrier-to-entry currency to mine. Uniquely, Lynx is designed to be mined with a Raspberry Pi 3. Just about anyone can mine Lynx.

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